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Photography Tips and Resources

Photography tips and resources that will help you to get the most out of your camera and produce strikingly beautiful images are found here! You will find tips for basic photography, to information on black and white photography, to digital photography and resources.

Lets face it, to some people, taking a picture on their cell phones to show friends how wonderful their newest gadget is, can be enough. But for the rest of us, we want to learn more about the wonderful world of photography. We want to get the most out of our cameras and lenses, as well as learn about lighting in photography, and how it can effect the outcome of our images. Ever wonder about the use of of flash? Will it have a positive or negative effect on your image? Did you know that you can also effect your final exposures by knowing more about the use aperture and shutter speeds? You will learn more about these concepts as you read through this site. It is full of great information for capturing creative images.

You will learn here with these tips, that photography involves more than focusing the lens and snapping the shutter at a beautiful scene. As you read through this photography tips and resources site, you will find answers as well as a good understanding of many questions you may have.

Consider This Your Short Course In Photography Website!

If making photography that you will be so proud of, that you may want to print out or put on your website or blog, for all to behold is important to you, then you are in the right place. These photo tips will give you good reason to keep your camera near by, whether it be a digital slr, which is most popular now, or an old school 35mm film camera and you are shooting black and white film. Whether you are interested in sports photography tips, and using a fast shutter speed, street photography tips, and getting a sharp candid shot, or, are in need of a studio photography tip or two, to create the perfect portrait or still life, it’s all right here at Photography Tips and Resources.

Do you need critiques or photography tips on making your images better, or maybe you just need some feedback to see what others think, there are places here to post your images for just that. Also, there are places to post your photography questions, which will be answered by the author. Please take advantage of this free resource.

The photography tips and resources you find here are very useful. Some of the techniques may be new to some, while to others it may jog a memory of a forgotten preference. Either way you will learn more about tapping into your creative abilities and improving your camera shots.

Information found here will help whether you are a seasoned photographer, or a hobbyist who is approached to capture important wedding pictures for a friend or family member, and you are not sure about what is the correct lighting to use. Maybe you just need a little help with those all important family portrait poses, such as what should they wear, or how should you divide the family up. As a beginner, who wants to take some memorable images of your beautiful baby, or your beloved pet, you will find many photography tips and resources for using and understanding your camera and while producing compositional sound and creative images.

You will also find articles on dslr’s, lighting, aperture, shutter speed, as well as using film in 35mm cameras and filters, that will help you capture some amazing, and unique photos. If you are a history buff, check out the article and biographies of many famous American photographers.

Also keep in mind that some of us shoot digital images, some of us still photograph using film cameras and some of us shoot both. There is plenty photography tips and resources to be found here, from shooting black and white images on film to tips for taking digital photography, you will not be disappointed.

Looking for photography marketing tips? If you plan to make money with your images, you will find tips on how to shoot for commercial photography applications, taking pictures for selling stock images, as well as shooting fine art photography for galleries and museums. 

So, whether your interest is in learning to use your camera with these basic photography lessons, or you are looking to learn more about creating outstanding images and much more, you will find it all here.

Not only will you be given great photography tips and resources, you will also be given resources for more helpful information on where to purchase equipment, what kind of equipment to purchase and why.

Be prepared! As you use this great information, follow the photography tips and resources found through out the site, you will see how your images can be transformed into, well, magnificent! 

So, grab your favorite camera and lets get busy!