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Sunset Photography

5 Great Sunset Photography Tips

These Sunset photography tips will help you capture those perfect and magnificent sunsets you may have thought impossible to get. Photographers will agree that among all the forms of photography done today (fashion, nature, travel, etc.), sunset photography is the most enchanting one. It is not easy as it sounds and that is the reason most of the photographers go wrong with it. For help with making your sunset photography unforgettable, read on.

Tip #1–Find Your Spot

First of all you may want to scope the spot out in advance. Select the ideal place where the sunset is visible for at least a good half-an-hour. Get there before hand so that you can setup your camera at the right angle to get a stunning sunset photo. Be prepared with all your equipment- including a tripod and batteries .You want to set up your camera on a tripod especially when using a telephoto lens. Practice using different focal lengths to get the best composition.

Tip#2–Check the Weather

Ensure that the weather is clear but not too clear. Not too clear means that a little smoke, smog, dusts and clouds can give you an even more captivating and dramatic sunset photo. If the weather is too clear, you may end up with some flat looking images of the sun.

Tip #3–Prepare for the Best Composition

Talking of some composition techniques, first decide on what kind of photograph you want- only the sun or sun with landscape. If you want a beautiful sunset landscaping then you need a wide angle to sweep the whole landscape; you might not need a tripod in this case. But, if you only want to capture the sun then prepare to zoom in with a lens of 200mm or above- this will surely need a tripod setup. Try shooting just to the right or left of the sun. Be careful not to hurt your eye as looking directly at the sun through a magnifying glass can be extremely dangerous. Do it when the sun is not so high in the sky.

Tip #4–Shoot For Silhouettes

When shooting sunsets, a silhouette can be created because of the great differences in brightness between the subject and background. For silhouettes, set your aperture or shutter speed manually. Try metering for the brightness of the skies, not the subject in front of it. This way the subject will be under-exposed. The silhouette can be a person, mountain, a single tree, a boat in the water, etc. These things look beautiful during sunset.

Tip–5Breaking the Rules

Just like all the rules are meant to be broken, the rule of thirds might not necessarily be followed. You can place the silhouettes, sun or the horizon off the center of the photograph if you like or center it. In a case like this, the shape, form and size of the silhouetted subject may make a positive difference in your composition.

Set the aperture or shutter priority of your camera manually and do not rely on the auto mode. This will allow to you to take an assortment of shots at various exposures. Experiment is the name of the game so click as many as you can. You can also try to shoot a little above and below the your meter suggestions.  This is called bracketing. Some cameras are equipped with a mode for bracketing, or you can do it manually by adjusting your shutter speed or aperture (+) and (–) a stop from the cameras suggested meter. Try these sunset photography tips and you will get a perfect shot of a beautiful sunset.