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About The Author

About The Author

Hello! My name is Mary and I live in Michigan. My love of photography and teaching has inspired me to build this web site. I have always been a creative person. I have dabbled in all sorts of creative projects. I guess it all started at the young age of 9, when one of my mothers friends sat me down and gave me crochet needle and some yarn. I could not get enough of making things! And from there, almost anything that gave me an opportunity to create, I was ready to jump in and give it a try.

But even before the creative process hit me, I was an over anxious reader. I could not get my hands on enough books to read. I took in all the information my mind could hold and that process continues today! It was a good thing that the neighborhood library was just down the block and I walked there almost everyday.

New York City, here I come! So I thought….

Before graduating from high school, my mind was set on going to New York City. Yes, the big apple. With the help of my high school advisor, who recognize my talents, I did my research. I applied and was accepted at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in the design department. I was on my way to using my creative talents. Long story, short, I did not get there.

Talk about Fate! Lesson: We are always where we are suppose to be

Soon I was married and having children. I decided to be a stay at home mom, but going back to school never left me. So, after my children both graduated high school, and were in college themselves, and with the blessing of my wonderful husband, I went to college part time,which quickly turned into full time.

Returning students like me were called ‘non-traditional’ students. There were a lot of us’non-traditional’ students there who also had reasons for putting off there dreams of higher education. So I felt right at home.

I had my mind set on learning some creative things. So I enrolled in the arts program at the junior college. After a few classes, I enrolled at the University, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, (BFA). This is where I fell in love with working in the darkroom and developing my film and making my prints. Digital photography was on the horizon, but it was not popular yet.

After getting my degree, and working in my own photography studio for a while, I decided, I wanted to teach photography. So, back to school I went, to get my Master of Fine Arts degree, (MFA), which has allowed me to teach photography in higher education. By this time, digital photography was all rave. So, I feel blessed to have gone to school, during the time when creating in the darkroom was almost all there was, and then as digital photography was being introduced to the world, I was right there, enjoying and taking in all of the information about this up and coming new medium. Pretty cool, uh!

Talk about fate, I feel now like I have always been where I was supposed to be. As a matter of fact, in the early 90′s, which is when I first went to the University, the internet was pretty new. And I was there learning tidbits about it, but not enough to know what I was doing.

Coming full circle.. I wouldn’t give nothing for my journey

Now I feel like I have come full circle, because I use my web site to share my expertise of photography to people who want to know more about it. I live and breath the creative process. By the way, I am an award winning photographer. And my art is displayed in many homes across the country. This site allows me the luxury of being able to do what makes me happy.

Besides encouraging others to be confident in developing their creative skills, and yes, (we all have creative talents) my goal is to be an inspiration to all that find this website.

I hope you will be inspired to work with the wonderful medium of photography and learn all you can about it.

And, take a lesson from me…… never give up on your dreams, because they can and do come true. There is no such thing as being too late. You are where you should be!