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Fine Art

Fine Art Photography Tips to Help Stimulate Your Creativity!

Following these fine art photography tips will help guild you if you are thinking about pursuing the artistic side of photography. Photography is firmly classed as one of the fine arts, with galleries holding exhibitions and successful photographers selling their work for hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece.

Tip – #1: Find Your Inspiration

As with any art, you’ll need inspiration to guide you in your photography. So the first of our series of fine art tips is to start learning as much as you possibly can about other artists working in the photographic field. Join the local library, look online, or hang out at your nearest bookstore – whatever it takes to expose yourself to the work of the leading practitioners of this fascinating subject.

Tip #2: Work On Your Technique

Inspiration is nothing without control. So the next tip is to really take the time to master your technique. The fist step being, learn about your camera. Whether you will be using a film camera or a DSLR camera, you will need to know all of it’s functions and capabilities. Then, think about your subject. What is the best way to capture images that will amaze your audience. For example, will monochrome image be best, or will color images work just as well? Should you shoot horizontal or vertical frames? And, do lots of practicing. Like anything, the more you practice the better you’ll get – and the more you’ll be able to translate the creative image in your head into reality in the images you’ll make. So stick at it – it’s worth the effort.

Tip #3 Show Your Work

There’s just no substitute as a would-be artist for putting your work out there to see the reactions it gets. It is important for you to find ways to show your work. Whether you’re hanging your prints on your own four walls, or putting them out at a garage sale, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes when you make them visible to others. Putting your images on show will make you think that much more carefully about what you want your photographs to say, and how to go about making sure that they say it.

Tips – #4: Don’t Take Criticism To Heart

Although it’s important to put fine art photography on show, it does come with a certain amount of risk. As a subjective medium, somebody’s bound to dislike what you produce – even if 99% of people love it. You will have to accept that it is not for everyone. Which is why this is on of the most important fine art photography tips. Try not to take criticism too much to heart. Learn from it, yes – but don’t let it bring you down. Remember, even Ansel Adams probably had his critics!

We hope that these tips have helped to demystify what can at times be a daunting pursuit. Just remember, art is all about self expression – and if you’re happy with what you produce then you’re more than halfway there.