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Digital SLR

Must Know Digital slr Photography Tips

Knowing these digital slr photography tips will help you to master your camera settings and functions. Maybe you decided to purchase one of the more popular brands of digital slr cameras, such as the Canon EOS Rebel digital camera, Nikon or any other of the many digital SLR cameras. No matter what brand of dslr you have purchased, they all of basic functions that you need to understand. Those basic functions are the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. Some cameras have many other options to make it easier to get the picture, but the basics remain the same. Master them and you can take control of your creativity.

So, how will you get the most out of your dslr camera? Let’s talk about it.

Just What is a Digital slr Camera?

The first of our digital slr photography tips will help you understand just what is an SLR camera, and what makes it digital? Well, the digital bit is pretty straight forward – it means that instead of recording images using light sensitive film, your camera uses a digital image sensor to do the same job. That has numerous advantages – not least the fact that you can shoot as many images as you want to without spending big money on film!

Meanwhile, what is an SLR camera? SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex – this describes the structure of the camera: it means that your viewfinder looks out through the dslr lens of the camera. The dslr lens is detachable, and looking through it lets you see exactly what your image sensor will see.

When you compare this to the typical point and shoot camera, the difference is that you are not looking directly through the lens on a point and shoot, which is why you may sometimes cut off the heads of your subjects when using a point and shoot camera. Also the SLR camera allows you to change the lenses. They are detachable. This allows you to use a more appropriate lens, depending on the scene you are trying to capture. If a camera is not an SLR, you will not be able to remove the lens.

The Settings onYour Digital slr Camera

The second of our digital slr photography tips is to keep in mind that you have many different settings on your digital slr camera. These functions allow you to control the outcome of the image. For example, instead of using the auto settings and letting the camera make all the decisions, there by, do all of the work, you now have the option of changing your settings to fit the situation of the scene.

The most popularly used settings on your digital SLR camera, includes the AP setting which lets you work with the aperture to determine the the outcome of the image, the TV setting which give you shutter speed priority and the M,manual setting, which puts you in charge and lets you have full control over the camera. These are the controls that most artist use, as the auto settings tend take all of the control of the image away from the artist.

Working With ISO

One of the most important digital SLR photography tips is adjusting the ISO setting on your camera. ISO is important because it lets you choose how light sensitive your camera’s image sensor will be for a particular scene. The higher the ISO number, the more light sensitive the sensor board is. This allows you to capture images that you would not normally be able to shoot in low light. But, the trade off is that the higher the ISO setting the more ‘grain’ or in digital terms, ‘noise’ that will appear in the image. This give the image a fuzzy like quality. Some photographer strive for grain. But if that’s not what you are looking for try adding light through another source and keep the ISO at 400 or lower.

Digital SLR Photography Tips #4–Holding Your DSLR Camera.

Most DSLR camera’s are designed to be held with both hands. Use your right hand to grip the side of the camera while also working with the shutter release button with your index finger. Use your left hand to cradle the lens from the bottom and rotate the focusing and zoom rings with your left thumb and the middle finger or index finger. This grip will give you maximum control over your cameras settings.

A digital SLR camera opens up a world of creative possibilities for photographers. It puts the control of the image in your hands, instead of the camera. If you like these digital SLR photography tips and want to learn more about using your camera, read “7 Tips for Taking Digital Photography.”