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Basic Photography

Basic Photography Tips—-Familiarize These Basic Photography Tips For Outstanding Results

Familiarizing your self with these basic photography tips will keep you on track to creating beautiful photography. We all take photographs at one time or another and now with the advent of digital cameras, cell phones, iPads and other devices with the capability of taking a photo, it is easy take snap shots of any scene. We just point and shoot. With all this going on, the main ingredient of photography is still the same. Good photographs are made by people who understand some basics of photography. So here we will go over some of the basics as a refresher for some and as a head start for beginners to get a grasp of this wonderful visual medium.

Basic Photography Tips #1–The Visual Aspects Now that so many of us are just clicking away with whatever technological piece of equipment we have, we are seldom giving thought to how and why the image is important, or in what way it might influence others. Visual literacy is about ‘seeing’ rather than ‘looking’. When getting ready to take that shot, stop for a second to think about what the picture is ‘about,’ rather than what the picture is ‘of’. Understand that every photograph suggest its own vision and view of the world. So, when you are getting ready to take that shot, for try to pre-visualize what will be translated from the three dimensional reality that is in front of you, on to the two dimensional space within the frame of the photograph. The camera is only a tool which will help you present your interpretation of what you see to the world.

Tip #2–Visual Impact And Appeal Basic Photography Tips #2–Visual impact and Appeal There are many formal values within a photograph, and they may vary. But for the most part, they consist of composition, proportion, focus, balance, rhythm, and texture. Any of these elements will become factor in the visual impact and appeal of the photograph. But, the most important value is composition, or in other words, the satisfying arrangement of shapes and the space they occupy.

Helpful composition tips are:

1.This basic photography tip will help you pay more attention to your subject. Determine who or what the subject is. Once you know your subject matter, decide what might be the best camera position or point of view. Instead of holding your camera at eye level, try a different angle or point of view. Get down lower or get higher when composing the shot. Are the subject and the surroundings compatible? Make sure there are no lamp post or such things coming out of the back of a persons head.

2.Frame Think about how you will frame the photograph… Select the scene by looking through the viewfinder or digital back. Observe the scene from edge to edge of the frame. Notice what should be left out or what might be added into the frame to make it more visually pleasing. Change the framing or camera position if necessary to avoid elements that are distracting. Work on filling the frame with only the necessary elements, instead of depending of cropping later.


3.The Rule of Thirds and Subject Placement You will find that most good photographs have a main subject or event. Think about it, when you are aiming your camera, there is a certain subject or event that you are trying to photograph. Where you place that subject in the frame determines the effectiveness and emphasis of the picture. The rule of thirds is a compositional method which suggest that the points of interest should be positioned at the intersection of two sets of vertical and horizontal lines that divide the image into thirds. Place what is important at one of the four intersecting points for geometric balance in your image.

Basic photography Tips #3- Find Yourself and Develop Your Style! The most important of these basic photography tips is to find yourself. Don’t try to emulate others. One way of doing this is to try producing a series of images that deal with a particular subject matter. Make sure the subject is of interest to you, other wise you will get bored and give up on the project. By doing this, you will develop your skill and abilities faster and will learn to visualize your ideals faster than if you rely on what happens when you are randomly shooting. These tips will help you to gradually stand out from the crowd of snap shooters and develop your own style.